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Emulsified asphalt equipment

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RLS6 Emulsified asphalt equipment

1. Emulsified asphalt equipment
2. The emulsion and the ratio of asphalt adjustment
3. Emulsification fineness is adjustable
4. 6T/ 10T/H Made in factory
The mobiles asphalt emulsifying equipment is composed by water supply system, two emulsion blending tanks, base asphalt store and supply system, emulsified asphalt store system, emulsifier, insulated multi-speed asphalt pump, multi-speed emulsion pump, electric control system, big bottom pipes and valves. The equipment sets the proportion of the emulsion and asphalt, controls by multispeed pump, flow device and valves; set the emulsion pump and asphalt pump in the right speed; and firstly pump the emulsion into the emulsifier and then the asphalt for emulsifying. This is the most reliable matching method at present
The equipment has advance design and rational structure, covers small area, with high precision on water and oil supply control; with advance technology; and the finished emulsified asphalt is regular and stable. At present, the product is broadly applied in the reconstruction of roads and public works.

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