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Regional Agency Recruitment
  Recruitment number:
  ten people

  Job Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's road machinery;
  2. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities within the sales area and the completion of sales tasks;
  3. Responsible for the collection of market information in jurisdictions, management and maintenance of customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans among customers.

  job requirements:
  1. More than 2 years working experience in road machinery engineering machinery, road construction machinery industry sales management industry;
  2. Have strong communication skills and communication skills, have affinity, good customer service awareness;
  3. Has a wealth of customer resources and customer relationships;
  4. Have a strong sense of professionalism, can withstand greater work pressure, and teamwork.
  Work treatment:Negotiable
  The resume email:zhyshm@163.com  Ms. Zou 0510-85264858

Sales Manager Recruitment
  Recruitment number:
  Five people

  Job Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for allocating regional customer resources for development, negotiation and maintenance;
  2. According to the company's sales plan, timely track the industry and customer dynamics, put forward a constructive sales strategy;
  3. Responsible for the withdrawal of loans and reminders to ensure the healthy operation of receivables;
  4. Complete the marketing business issued by the marketing center.

  job requirements:
  1. Have more than two years of sales experience, work hard, have strong communication skills, and are interested in market expansion of road machinery.
  2. Can adapt to the business needs of business travel, better handle the contradictory relationship between family and business;
  3. Those who have engaged in asphalt mixing station sales experience or asphalt mixing station channels are preferred.
  Work treatment: Negotiable
  The resume email:zhyshm@163.com  Ms. Zou  0510-85264858

Sales Information Manager Recruitment
  Recruitment number:
  Number of people

  Job Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the development, negotiation and maintenance of regional customer resources; 
  2. Track industry and customer dynamics and propose constructive sales strategies; job requirements:

  job requirements:
  1. Those who have more than two years of experience in asphalt mixing plants or have asphalt mixing stations. 
  2. With asphalt mixing station demand information provider.
  3. Have mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win integrity and vision.
  Cooperation treatment: Negotiable
  The resume email:zhyshm@163.com  Ms. Zou  0510-85264858

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